Coach Kim Smith

Kimberly Smith

C.P.C. M.C.C Certified Executive & Relationship Coach

Smith Solutions, Principal, Consultant and Certified Patient Advocate

Key Solutions Coaching 4 Women CEO-President,

Principal of REACH4Women, Non-profit Advocacy & Training for girls and women


Kim is married with 2 grown daughters and many other young men and women she and her husband have engaged in mentoring and raising throughout their lives they call family.  A Seattle resident via California transplant with formal education in Psychology and Behavioral Science, graduate studies in Organizational Development and Professional Coaching.  Kim has had various leadership positions in financial services, education, and healthcare, she naturally provided development, training and coaching support to her teams for over 25 years. In 2012 she aligned her personal mission with her professional goals to focus exclusively on elevating and empowering women through group learning and one on one coaching opportunities. She is finishing up her first book and has an impressive client list that includes women and leaders from Microsoft, Expedia, Safeco, Amazon, Expedia, US Bank, Bank of America, University of Washington School of Nursing, AT&T, and Seattle College. She is also an advocate for patient and family rights for transparency and access in our healthcare system. She is currently working on providing Salons and Workshops for women and girls of color in the Pacific Northwest and her mission to help women including those who have a history of legal entanglements including incarceration from drug related events has just gotten underway. She offers free services to this demographic and a percentage of her proceeds will go towards Paying Forward. She will offer grants and scholarships for children of these women seeking training and education in the Healthcare field.

Finding Your Super Power

‘We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained, it is our Super Power.’ –Marie Curie

As a Certified Professional Coach, Master Certified Coach, Executive and Relationship Coach, my practice is dedicated to women. When asked to describe what I do this is what I say.

“I help women take the BRICKS that are thrown at them and build a foundation for success”

What are BRICKS?

Bullshit- the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, personally and professionally

Relationships- we attract or get caught up in that are toxic

Intentional – refusing to live life out loud with purpose, mindfulness and in your truth

Confidence -Using the 3-F’s Recipe for failure to become Flawed and Fearless

Keys- We are the keys to our success, when we stop focusing on the problems

Solutions – In every problem is the solution, starting with ‘Selfies’ what you believe about you is true

This means I coach women through their stories, obstacles, blocks and adversities to use their personal or professional strengths, resources, networks and personal power to get to their ‘Super Power. Their outcome after coaching provides them with the tools, language and a unique model to use every time life throws bricks at them, or they go out and bring bricks home.

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