Drea Baines

Drea Baines is a lifelong writer who began training for her career at the age of six. She wrote short stories and reports on small animals, which evolved into a unique poetry style that would eventually garner recognition. She was accepted on a full scholarship to two of the state’s top private schools early on. At 15 she won her first writing competition for the University of Washington.     In 2003 Drea began frequenting the Small Business Administration’s local chapter during her spare time. She began to learn everything she could about starting, running, and growing a business through the SCORE counselors and local library. Drea started her first business at 18 making jewelry, some of which was worn on air by (then) Komo 4 News anchors. She went on to study interior design before venturing into entrepreneurship again. In early 2010, Drea became a protégé to the owner of a janitorial company and helped it raise funds for growth. This opportunity led to working independently to help small, underserved businesses obtain funding for their start-up or growth phase needs.     Drea received many opportunities throughout her life based on the strength of her writing. She has written hundreds of documents for a multitude of small businesses, public agencies, community activism and advocacy groups, political candidates, CEO’s, friends, and family. Drea also worked on a book project with world renowned translator and editor, John Woodsworth.   Throughout her career she has served on nonprofit boards and committees and has stayed active in her community. She managed her husband’s winning campaign in 2015 for Tacoma Metro Parks Commissioner and works closely with civic leaders and corporate executives to promote economic equity and diversity. Today she is the Chapter Chair for Network of Women Seattle, co-owns one of the fastest growing design firms in Seattle, Dresha Home Styling (now Poetically Featured Properties) and is the founding owner of Sourced Write.

Website: www.sourcedwrite.com

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drea-bell-50830a109

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sourcedwrite/

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