Mayor Durkan delivers first State of the City from Rainier Beach High School – Announces FREE Orca for HS students


This morning, I had the honor of delivering my first State of the City address as Mayor. I chose to deliver it not in City Hall, as is tradition, but at Rainier Beach High School, a place where people always come together to get things done.

In my remarks, I laid out my vision for a more affordable, inclusive, and vibrant Seattle, and my plan for realizing that vision. More than 500 residents from across our City joined me, as I outlined my focus during my time as mayor.

Here are my priorities:

First, we must address the crisis of affordability, growing economic disparities, and homelessness – a crisis that threatens the soul of our City – and a crisis that is bigger than us, and demands a regional response.

Second, as Seattle grows so quickly, we must deliver essential City services.

Third, we will build safer communities and advance the cause of racial equity and social justice.

Fourth, together we will stand up for our progressive values in the face of attacks from the other Washington.

And finally, we must do what Seattle does best: Seize the awesome opportunities we have to build and invent a more vibrant City for the next generation.

Joined by the incredible Washington Wild

I also made several announcements that show how in Seattle, we turn our progressive values into action. That includes important strides in ensuring equitable access to opportunity for our young people, including my Seattle Promise College Tuition Program to offer free college to all Seattle public high school students. In addition, I announced that this Fall, we will put a year-round ORCA pass in the hands of all 15,000 Seattle public high school students and 13th and 14th Year Promise Scholars.

I also announced that beginning today, Seattle residents can provide their input on the next Chief of Police of the Seattle Police Department through the Community Input Survey. Our next permanent Chief of Police must be devoted to continuing reform, and your input is crucial to this search.

As I said at the end of my remarks: I will bet on the people of Seattle every time, and I will stand with you every time. I know that if we work together, we can build a more affordable, just, and inclusive future for this City we love.

You can watch the full video of my State of the City address and read the full transcript here. And if you get the chance, please write me at and let me know your thoughts. As always, you can reach me at Twitter or Facebook, and you can stay up-to-date with all the great work we’re doing at City hall on my blog.


Mayor Jenny Durkan

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