Nate Miles will deliver his annual “Silver Rights and Civil Rights – FirstThursday January 2016 Meeting

Nate Miles will deliver his annual “Silver Rights and Civil Rights, What’s Next?” speech to the public, 6pm, January 5, 2017 during FirstThursday Seattle’s New Year’s 2017 B2B professional networking meeting.
Nate Miles message will attempt to merge the past best business practices with future technology and emerging 21st century business concepts.
Many of you have heard and seen Nate speak, but through the years, he has always blessed FirstThursday with futuristic business ideas, some of them are coming to fruition as of this writing.
You are invited to join Nate, W Larry Williams, Chairman of FirstThursday Seattle & Jacksonville, Patricia Smith, President, FirstThursday Seattle and other community leaders and organizations as they welcome in the New Year, 2017.
Please note the new location, the 2100 Building, 2100 24th Avenue, Seattle, WA.
Please RSVP NOW using Facebook, or call us at 206 852 8145.
The meeting is FREE and open to the public.
For more information about FirstThursday Seattle, you’re invited to check out our website:


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