FTS MED Cool Biz Awards October 3, 2013

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For more information, contact FTS at (206) 280-9941.
W. Larry Williams – Chairman & CEO                      Sheley Secrest – President

2013 FTS MED COOL BIZ AWARDS CEREMONY Noon October 3, 2013

The greater Seattle community is invited to join FirstThursday Seattle and Seattle’s minority communities as we celebrate Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week, September 30 – October 4, 2013.
In addition to the City of Seattle, Sound Transit and Eli Lilly, FirstThursday Seattle will also present Minority Enterprise Development Awards to Affordable Auto Repair, AWH Productions, Earl & Gwen Brock’s Legal Shield, Elfalan IT, LenCan Builders, Link Staffing, Platinum Group, RaePop LLC and WithStyle Catering for their outstanding community service efforts during 2013. Support your local businesses so that they can continue to support you.
During MED Week 2013, FirstThursday Seattle will post in-depth interviews and educational articles featuring some of Seattle’s top minority owned businesses on its web site and social networking media, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
FTS will also recognize many of the unsung contributions that Black and minority business owners have made to enhance the economic vitality of the City of Seattle, KING County, the State of Washington and America.
FTS’ MED Week will culminate with an exciting 2013 FTS MED COOL BIZ AWARDS CEREMONY, Noon, October 3, 2013 during FTS October B2B Networking Meeting. Several minority-owned Seattle businesses will be recognized during the meeting for their creativity and business success during 2013.
Also during the 2013 FTS MED COOL BIZ AWARDS CEREMONY, we will recognize and present awards to selected FTS’ 2013 corporate partners for their contributions to diversity and small business support: City of Seattle, Lilly, and Sound Transit.
Minority Enterprise Development Week has been observed throughout America since 1983, including Seattle, with thousands of current and future entrepreneurs participating in workshops, seminars, trade fairs, luncheons, conferences and other celebratory activities and events.
In December 1982, then President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation stating that the first week of October was designated as national “Minority Enterprise Development Week”.
The mission of FirstThursday Seattle is simple: Its COOL to BACK Black business! “FirstThursday Seattle is committed to the advancement of black-owned business. From networking opportunities to small business funding, our passion is the success of the black business community, one business at a time.” 
A welcome surprise to all of this is that MED Week also allows us to celebrate the unique diversity of the Puget Sound’s work force.
Please RSVP here or Facebook events. This event is FREE and open to the public. All we ask is that you bring a smile, Biz cards, 30 second elevator speech, brown bag lunch and your company’s marketing materials to share with others during the networking sessions.
For details, advertising, video marketing and sponsorship investment opportunities during the 2013 MED Awards Program, contact FTS directly at (206) 280-9941 or Email me at wlwilliams@aol.com.
You can become a member of the New COOL, the best advocacy and networking organization for Black small business in Seattle and Jacksonville by going to our web sites and clicking memberships.
Seattle: http://www.firstthursdayseattle.org/ or Jacksonville FL: http://www.firstthursdayjacksonville.org/

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