Why FirstThursday? F.A.T.E.

According to Webster, the word FATE is “a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.: the things that will happen to a person or thing : the future that someone or something will have”    That embodies the heart of FirstThursday…

“At First Thursday Seattle, we believe that the success of minority-owned business is based on F.A.T.E.”

In this time of growth and change, community identities are at risk….minority small business owners need a voice to ensure their interests are represented and the neighborhoods where they do business remain true in the midst of these changes…..

FIRSTTHURSDAY is that “voice”

Funding — Capital access remains the most important factor limiting the establishment, expansion and growth of Black-owned businesses. First Thursday Seattle works with financial institutions, particularly Black-owned institutions, to create avenues by which Black and underutilized businesses can gain greater access to credit, capital and other financial instruments

Advocacy – First Thursday Seattle promotes small business growth, particularly policies that address the challenges of black and underutilized business owners.  We understand the importance of maintaining a bipartisan approach to advocacy, and hence, collaborate with policymakers from all political affiliations to advocate for policies that best serve the interest of the black community.

Training – The old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” illustrates the methodology behind our “Black To Basics” program. From construction apprenticeships to effective communication, we employ evidence based tools to address the needs of black and underutilized business. In addition, we deliver quality educational opportunities and professional development resources that help our members manage and grow successful businesses.

Employment – A job, a contract, a client, or simply having money to pay bills. However you define employment, First Thursday Seattle will assist in identifying opportunities, positive positioning, and advocacy through our strategic relationships. We help black and underutilized business owners by offering resources and information that enhance their ability to compete and achieve expected outcomes.


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