BREAKING! Proposed 2014 City of Seattle Construction Standards: Executive Summary

The City of Seattle’s Construction Standards (Plans and Specifications) serve as the basis for the construction of over $100,000,000 of CIP projects annually for SPU, SDOT, SCL, Parks, and Seattle Center and are the backbone for all construction in the Right of Way.

Our Standards apply whenever any public or private construction is performed within the Right of Way of the City of Seattle. This work may be constructed by private or public agencies via DPD permit, SDOT Street Use Permit or Ordinance of the City Council (primarily Design Bid Build CIP projects as advertised on eBid Systems ).

In all likelihood, you are probably charged with directing, designing, managing, constructing, maintaining, or interfacing with the subject matter of our Construction Standards on an on-going basis.

Other users of our Standards include the Port of Seattle, Sound Transit, King County and Metro KC. Additionally, all private development requiring electricity, sewage, water, storm drains and/or pedestrian and vehicle access interface with these important City documents.

Standard Plans: 150 Standard Plans have been revised for the 2014 edition. Highlights include: revisions to signal and lighting details to address current SCL and SDOT systems and methods, changes to pavement repair details, curb ramp revisions to match current ADA requirements, the incorporation of hand rails meeting new safety requirements, revisions to maintenance holes to improve ladder and step safety and revisions to catch basin and inlet details to assist with placement and installation procedures.
Division 1: Standard Specifications: (General Contract Requirements)
The proposed division 1 incorporates the GSP updates that have been used in projects for several years for the new inclusion plan process. The draft also includes several new initiatives:
• Revised close out process to improve efficiencies in closing out projects when all affidavits and releases have been received and eliminates extra back and forth between City Purchasing and Contracting Services (CPCS) and Departments by having CPCS consolidate the processes.
• To support mayoral efforts around wage theft and local hiring, expanding the use of technology for online reporting of weekly payrolls, apprenticeship, EEO, and payments to subcontractors through LCP (Labor Compliance) Tracker and B2GNow portals.
• Increased support for subcontractors through requiring prompt payment from prime contractors to subcontractors.

Divisions 2 -9. Standard Specifications: (Technical) – Revisions include:

• Rewrite of Division 6 Structures to better align the City with WSDOT’s Standards for concrete work.
• Rewrite of Division 7 Storm Drain, Sanitary and Combined Sewers, Water Mains and Related Structures to address outdated requirements and to make the specification more efficient.
• Rewrite of soil requirements for erosion and landscape materials including bioretention soils, reused amended site soils and compost.
• Additions to Division 4 clarifying the use of recycled materials.
• New signal and lighting requirements.

Randy Earlywine, P.E.
City Construction Standards Engineer
Seattle Public Utilities
206 684-8561

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