FirstThursday Seattle’s 2013 Christmas & Holiday Celebration Noon December 5

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W. Larry Williams – Chairman & Founder                          Dr. Sheley Secrest – President

FirstThursday Seattle

 2013 Christmas & Holiday Celebration

B2B Networking Meeting and Celebration

FirstThursday Seattle, Noon – December 5, 2013

Please come and celebrate with FirstThursday Seattle during our 2013 Christmas & Holiday B2B Networking Meeting and Celebration at Noon, December 5, 2013.

The meeting is FREE and will be held in the First Floor Conference Room, Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, 4520 Martin L King, Jr Way S., Seattle, WA 98178.

Please RSVP by replying to this email. If you would like more information, please call (206)  (206) 280 9941 or visit the FirstThursday Seattle web site:

The mission of FirstThursday Seattle is simple: Its COOL to BACK Black business! FirstThursday Seattle is committed to the advancement of black-owned business. From networking opportunities to small business funding, our passion is the success of the black business community, one business at a time.” FirstThursday Seattle knows that it is COOL TO DO BUSINESS with Black business. Back our Black business community by doing business with your favorite Black business(s).

FirstThursday Biz is “The NEW COOL for Black and Small Business. Help us help our Black businesses achieve their maximum potential. Hear what some of our members are saying in these unedited FTS NEW COOL member testimonials:  You can be a part of the SUCCESS that FirstThursday members are realizing by becoming a member. Seattle:

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