FTS co-sponsors the African American Town Hall Meeting Jan 16

African American Town Hall Meeting – Accessing Federal Stimulus Funds in Washington State.

Accessing Federal Stimulus Dollars for African American Communities Recovery
An Economic Call To Action Meeting of African American Business Owners
In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The National Recovery Act:
Where is ours, how are we included
and how do we access?
Western Washington Black Business Association (WWBBA) is calling all African American Business (ABA) owners in Western Washington to a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, January 16, 2009 at 10:00 A.M – Roberson Performing Arts Center at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle.
Co-Chairs: Senator Rosa Franklin and Representative Eric Pettigrew.
Co-Facilitators: Chris Bennett and Dawn Mason

Sponsors: Chris Bennett Enterprises, The Seattle Medium News Group, Z-Twins Radio Stations, Black Dollar Days, Central Area Chamber of Commerce, First Thursdays, Arunga and Associates,Nate Jackson’s Welness Plus and Former State Rep. Dawn Mason

Our African American Elected Officials: Sen.Rosa Franklin (D-Tacoma) Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D- Seattle) Councilmember (M L King, Jr.County) Councilmember Bruce Harrell (Seattle), Mayor Marilyn Strickland (Tacoma), Councilmember Victoria Woodards (Tacoma), Councilmember Joe Duffy (Tukwila) Commissioner Robert Holland (Port of Seattle)
Topics of Primary Discussion:
1. Easement of insurance companies and financial institutions TARP funds new version of “red ling” via Credit Scores
2. Africa American Communities recovery from Federal Stimulus Dollars
3. Business Opportunities, Training and meaningful employment (JOBS) for African Americans from Federal Stimulus Dollars
All of Washington benefits from African American economic inclusion, yet Federal Stimulus Funds sent to Washington State is not reaching our business owners and communities in ways that bring business opportunities, sustain equity and jobs. Also, state revenues we add to are not being returned in ways that benefit the economic vitality of African Americans.
In keeping with the principles of Martin Luther King, Jr. we are focused on the ideals he put forth not only for civil rights but he gave his life also for “silver rights.”

Washington State’s U.S. Senators, Congressional Representatives, Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Democrat led Legislature, Regional and Local Elected Officials are asked to attend. They need to tell us how Federal Stimulus funds are being dispersed and in ways that brings economic recovery to African American businesses and families. How is the state, regional and local officials holding financial institutions accountable for equal access that received TARP funds. What ways are they eliminating the new version of red lings – credit scores – and making the inclusion of information widespread in ways that Federal Stimulus Funds are accessed. The Western Washington African American Business Association is formed and exists for the purpose of this common interest, during these challenging times. If you are a Black owned Business in Western Washington and have a business license, this is where you need to be. The economic well being of the Africa American Communities need you and our elected officials NOW! Together we can; together we will.

For Additional Information:
RSVP: Dawn Mason (parentsforsuccess@gmail.com) or Chris Bennett ztwins@aol.com

FTS Members & Friends may RSVP on FB events.

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