Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to All! Happy New Year! FirstThursday Seattle Noon, Jan. 2,2014

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to All!

Thank you for your support of FirstThursday Seattle over the past nine years. We are looking forward to seeing you at Noon, January 2, 2014, in the First Floor Conference Room, Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, 4520 Martin L King Jr. Way S, Seattle, WA 98118 when FirstThursday Seattle Salutes the New Year – 2014! A New beginning for hundreds of future entrepreneurs and small business owners here in Seattle and Beyond.

FirstThursday Seattle will continue to demonstrate through our actions and deeds that we can work together in UNITY with others who have a desire to help make Seattle and the Pacific Northwest a better place for all of its citizens, to live work and become prosperous.

The B2B meeting is FREE and Open to the public. Just Bring your Smile, Biz cards, 30 sec elevator speech and Brown Bag Lunch. May we reserve a seat for you to attend FirstThursday Seattle’s Tenth Annual “Silver Rights” New Year’s Economic Call To Action! It’s NOW TIME! 

FirstThursday is humbled to bring the 2014 “Silver Rights” New Year’s Economic Call To Action! It’s NOW TIME!

This economic call to action, It’s Now Time is based on FirstThursday’s belief that far too long, we have allowed others to speak for us in our struggle for economic equality. We need to make sure that we are on one accord in this challenge and opportunity. The cost of freedom was not free and the cost for our “Silver Rights” will not be without challenges. It’s Now Time! Are you ready?

If you are ready and believe that it is now time for us to take control of our “Silver Rights”, then give yourself or someone you know a great New Year’s gift of economic Silver Rights opportunity, a 2014 FirstThursday Seattle Membership. Become a leader in the journey for economic equality, the American dream of business prosperity. It is EASY to become a member of FirstThursday Seattle. Just go to our web site at: http://firstthursdaySeattle.org and click Join Now.

Over the past nine years, many of you have had an opportunity to experience the FirstThursday Seattle way of making a difference for Black and small businesses. It’s Now Time to see what we are really all about, an action driven and get it done today organization that practices what it preaches by helping Black and small businesses to become self-sustaining and prosperous, one business at a time.

It’s Now Time, please join FirstThursday Seattle’s journey for “Silver Rights” NOW!

For more information, visit our web site or call or (206) 280-9941.


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