Port Commissioner to unveil new Jobs Program Exclusively at FirstThursday Seattle September 1

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September 1, 2011

Happy Wednesday! FirstThursday Seattle is pleased to have Port of Seattle Commissioner Robert Holland as its guest speaker tomorrow, 7PM at the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, 4520 Martin L. King Jr. Way S., Seattle, WA, 98118.
The highlight of the meeting will occur when Commissioner Holland unveils publicly for the first time his new, Jobs Now Program for “ex-cons and returning vets”. He says that “this is not another train the trainer program, but a program that will employ people.”
Please help us this out so that we can get this hugely important message out to the community.
FirstThursday Seattle believes that with the unemployment in the Black community at almost 20%, it is imperative that we get as many people as possible employed. It also makes us angry when we spend about $6,500.00 annually to educate our school age kids and more than $35,000.00 annually to keep prisoners behind bars. Are we the only ones that see something wrong here?
Our vets deserve a better deal that what they have been receiving. Ex-cons need to become better citizens and start repaying the tax payers who have paid for there incarceration, by going to work, paying taxes and lessening the chances that they will return to prison.

W. Larry Williams
Founder & CEO
FirstThursday Seattle
P. O. Box 78337
Seattle, WA 98178

Telephone: (206) 852-8145

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Web Site: www.firstthursdayseattle.org

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