Thursday, November 4, Rev. Carl Livingston 7:00 – 8:00PM

This the first of four meetings discussing jobs, career and contracting opportunities for Blacks & others in the Puget Sound area.

Guest Speaker

Rev. Carl Livingston

Senior Pastor, Kingdom Christian Center

Professor, Political Science Department, Seattle Central Community College

Author: Shoestrings and Bootstraps: a Development Plan for Black America

Black and Minority Business Enterprise Series

Topic:  “A Development Plan for Black America”

7:00 PM          Invocation and Group Networking

7:15                 Welcome, Introductions & Group Networking

7:30                 Guest Speaker

7:45                 Questions and Answers

8:00PM           Benediction and Adjourn

Individual and Group Networking

Admission: No Cost

A $7.50 Donation in support of ‘FTS Yes We Will Grass Roots Advocacy’ is needed and appreciated.

FirstThursday Members, Youth, Seniors & Unemployed       FREE

Non-FirstThursday members, space is limited, so please RSVP.

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Or Call W. Larry Williams @ (206) 852-8145


Carl_LivingstoneRev. Carl Livingston is senior pastor of Kingdom Christian Center in Seattle, Washington.  He has been in the ministry for over 20 years.  Carl Livingston is, as well, the lead professor in the Political Science Department at Seattle Central Community College, and a licensed attorney.  He graduated from the Notre Dame School of Law in 1987, and Oral Roberts University in 1982.  At Notre Dame he was the Dean’s assistant, and at Oral Roberts, runner-up graduation speaker.

It was at ORU that Pastor Carl met Evie Anita Taylor, his wife.  First Lady Evie is an accomplished middle school principal and an inspiring speaker.  She and Pastor Livingston have helped raise Ashante, Walter, and Ke’Juan.

Rev. Livingston is part of a core of pastors who have founded the Washington Christian Leaders Coalition, which advocates to governmental leaders for the economic and social development of Black Washingtonians.    Pastor Livingston is a community activist dedicated to social justice, police accountability, and educational excellence.  He is the author of Poems for the People I and II, Affirmative Action on Trial: The Retraction of Affirmative Action and the Case for its Retention (40 Howard L.J. 145 [1996]), and his latest work, Shoestrings and Bootstraps: a Development Plan for Black AmericaShoestrings and Bootstraps is a guide for any one, and any community, seeking to develop African Americans in every way.

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